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宣传 Toolkit


Constituents have a right to make their voices heard by policymakers about water treatment issues. You make a difference. Make sure your local leaders and public representatives know you support policies that promote safer and cleaner water. If you learn of public policy changes that might affect your water treatment options, you have a right to voice your opinion.

WQA will continue looking out for the public interest. Working together, we can all ensure a healthier future for ourselves and generations to come.

Pro tip: Attend the annual WQA Congressional Fly-In

The Congressional Fly-In is an opportunity for WQA members to meet with Congressional and federal agency staff to discuss water quality issues.

The 2021 Fly-In featured two virtual briefings:

  • “State of the Industry: Federal Action on Water Quality.” 
  • “Navigating Supply Chain Disruption.”

Information on the next WQA Congressional Fly-In will be posted in the 事件 Calendar when available.

Government Outreach Guide

WQA’s Government Affairs Team is here to assist with meetings at a state Capital and/or at the national Capital in Washington D.C. These meetings are key for the advancement of the industry and updating legislators on proposed legislative activities. By arranging these meetings, you can:

  • Help build connections with policymakers.
  • Provide important technical information to government officials to aid in decision-making.
  • Raise awareness of issues of concern to WQA members.
  • Reinforce that WQA is the “go-to” technical organization when issues arise concerning water treatment and access to safe drinking water.

Tools to help you with these meetings are in WQA’s online resources

WQA membership is required to access some of these resources.